Recent Publications

 MPIase is a glycolipozyme essential for membrane protein integration
Nature Communications
 Molecular and functional characterization of cionin receptors in the ascidian, Ciona intestinalis: the evolutionary origin of the vertebrate cholecystokinin/gastrin family [68KB]
 Evidence for differential regulation of GnRH signaling via heterodimerization among GnRH receptor paralogs in the protochordate, Ciona intestinalis [76KB]
 Boosting Protein Dynamics Studies Using Quantitative Nonuniform Sampling NMR Spectroscopy[328KB]
 A Novel Barley Yellow Stripe 1-Like Transporter (HvYSL2) Localized to the Root Endodermis Transports Metal–Phytosiderophore Complexes[88KB]
 Localization and enzymatic activity profiles of the proteases responsible for tachykinin-directed oocyte growth in the protochordate, Ciona intestinalis[72KB]
Elucidating slow binding kinetics of a protein without observable bound resonances by longitudinal relaxation NMR spectroscopy [316KB]
 Peptidomic analysis of the central nervous system of the protochordate, Ciona intestinalis:
homologs and prototypes of vertebrate peptides and novel peptides
 The effects of light on the production of endogenous and exogenous lignans by Forsythia koreana wildtype and transgenic cells[44KB]
The construction of transgenic Forsythia plants: comparative study of three Forsythia species[115KB]
 Lipopolysaccharide Induces Raft Domain Expansion in Membrane Composed of a Phospholipid-Cholesterol-Sphingomyelin Ternary System[104KB]
Functional diversity of signaling pathways through G protein-coupled receptor heterodimerization with a species-specific orphan receptor subtype[80KB]
Metabolic Engineering of Lignan Biosynthesis in Forsythia Cell Culture[58KB]
Isomeric Oligosaccharides Analyses Using Negative-ion Electrospray Ionization Ion Mobility Spectrometry Combined with Collision-induced Dissociation MS/MS[57KB]
Peak Width-Mass Correlation in CID MS/MS of Isomeric Oligosaccharides Using Traveling-wave Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry[119KB]
Molecular characterization of Hydra acetylcholinesterase and its catalytic activity[175KB]
Metabolic Engineering of Lignan Biosynthesis in Forsythia Cell Culture[60KB]
A novel inhibitory gonadotropin-releasing hormone-related neuropeptide in the ascidian, Ciona intestinalis[87KB]
Toll-like receptors of the ascidian, Ciona intestinalis: protptypes with hybrid functionalities of vertebrate Toll-like receptors[68KB]
Calcitonin in a protochordate, Ciona intestinalis – the prototype of the vertebrate calcitonin/calcitonin gene-related peptide superfamily[129KB]
Characterization of a novel vasopressin/oxytocin superfamily peptide and its receptor from an ascidian, Ciona intestinalis[135KB]
Interaction of lipopolysaccharide and phospholipid in mixed membranes: solid-state 31P-NMR spectroscopic and microscopic investigations[98KB]
A novel biological role of tachykinins as an upregulator of oocyte growth: identification of an evolutionary origin of tachykinergic functions in the ovary of the ascidian, Ciona intestinalis[80KB]