About Us


 Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences is a public interest incorporated foundation dedicated to promoting bioorganic chemistry and related scientific research to improve happiness and prosperity of humanity. The foundation was founded on the ideology of the founder, Keizo Saji, who believed that ”postwar Japan should contribute to world peace and prosperity through knowledge and culture.” Today, 75 years since its inception, our mission in the global community has grown exponentially.


Public Interest Projects

  • Research Projects

    Conducting academic research, and its development including business-academia collaborations.
    Publishing the findings of the research in academic papers or intellectual properties to enhance scientific research.

  • Analytical Center Project

    Developing novel analytical approaches, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectroscopy (MS), and offering universities analytical services for scientific academic research.

  • Research Promotion Project

    Enhancing academic research and education of human resources in science with research grants, scholarships, and workshop grants.

  • Scientific Human Resources Education Project

    Offering postdoctoral fellowships at the research institutes, setting up inter-university research activities, and sending lecturers to universities to support the fostering of scientists.

  • Projects for Profit

  • Corporate Research Contract Project

    Offering companies with contracted or collaborative services for research or development using the institute research resources.