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Original Paper 2019

Yamagaki, T., Yamazaki, T. “Troubleshooting carry-over in LC-MS analysis of biomolecules; The case of neuropeptide Y.” Mass Spectrom., S0083 (2019). [Publisher] (open access)

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Original Paper 2020

Yamagaki, T., Yamazaki, T. “Practical Protocol for Making Calibration Curves for Direct and Sensitive Quantitative LC Orbitrap-MS of Large Neuropeptides.” Mass Spectrom., A0087 (2020). [Publisher] (open access)

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in mice. Sci Rep 10 (1), 1-11 (2020). [PubMed] open access

Original Paper 2021

Yamagaki, T., Kimura, Y., Yamazaki, T. “Amidation/Non-amidation Top-down Analysis of Endogenous Neuropeptide Y in Brain Tissue by Nano Flow Liquid Chromatography Orbitrap Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry.” J. Mass Spectrom. 56, e4716 (2021). [Publisher] (open access)

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