About Research Institute

 Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences established its research institute called Bioorganic Research Institute, which focuses on projects to contribute to the progress of basic science and society.

 It is an interdisciplinary institute that integrates various fields of structural biology, organic chemistry, and molecular biology. Research activities are based on Elucidating the mechanisms of life phenomena focused on molecules.

 Fundamental technologies employed in the institute include advanced instrumental/structural analysis, including MS, NMR, molecular biology strategies, organic synthesis, and bioinformatics. With the keywords, like membrane, metabolism, and signaling, this institute aims to benefit the society by advancing research to explaining the mechanisms for sustaining species biodiversity and life phenomena at the individual and cellular levels from the perspective of generation of new molecules and diversity and functions of biomolecules.

生物学的・有機化学的アプローチ 多彩な生命の姿とその働きの理解

 Division of structural biomolecular science and Division of integrated biomolecular function research were founded and conducted research in consensus with the Director three rules:

Three Rules

  • Conduct innovative research
    that no other research institutes can match.
  • Both micro and macro approaches,
    ensuring that it is advanced.
  • Aim high and stay ambitious.